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posted Jan 4, 2015, 7:26 PM by David Campbell   [ updated Jan 4, 2015, 8:19 PM ]


Last year was another exceptional year in the continued development of Formula Vee racing in WA. With ongoing and extremely supportive sponsorship through Healthway, we promoted the Smarter than Smoking message in the 2014 Smarter than Smoking Formula Vee Racing WA championships. We also wish to thank Kostera’s Tyre Service, GerryKay Mechanical and Clutch Industries for their assistance throughout the year. Encouraging the promotion of racing throughout WA, the CAMS Motor Race Panel extended the State series to include two rounds at Collie as well as seven rounds at Wanneroo Raceway. This meant the competitors were pushed hard to achieve either a State, WASCC or FVAWA podium places for both 1200 and 1600 categories.

Sixteen drivers competed in 1200 cc cars and fourteen drivers fought it out in 1600cc cars from March to October. Grid numbers were up on previous years with an average of over 20 cars per event and twice we achieved significant numbers with grids of 23. The FVAWA family is a close knit one with everyone helping each other out prior to and in-between the races and in contrast, some exceptionally close and entertaining racing when on the track. Packs of cars are seen throughout each lap with battles at the front, in the middle and at the rear. The smallest margin for a win, or a loss depending on your point of view, was often the decider after 8 or 10 laps. Race two during the October Historic meeting weekend was an example when Rod Lisson in his Sabre 02 was given a finish time   of 9.22.5831 and David Campbell in his Stinger 007 was given a time of 9.22.5937 – a win by a hundredth of a second or about 3 cm at 150kph.  This was trumped by Austin Pearson just beating Aidan Read by across the line by 48/10,000ths of a second – about a centimetre - in race 3 of the August meeting.

The start of 2014 saw FVAWA loose a few regular drivers. Allan Yeo and James McDonald took a year out as they look to rebuild their cars after a significant accident at the end of 2013 at Bathurst – hopefully they will be back in 2015. Shaydan Penniment moved onwards competing well in the Formula Ford category, Steve Williams returned to UK, Dan Lineham concentrated on work and two youngsters, Jordan Cvetanoski and Jaydan Tonaro both decided to look to other sports for the year. Interestingly, nearly all of the cars belonging to the departing drivers have been sold or leased in 2014/15. The newcomers to Vees were in for an interesting ride.

The standout for the year was 15 year old Austin Pearson who graduated from karts and took the 1200 fight to fellow youngster Aidan Read with some simply stunning driving leading to 21 race wins, the Zamels Trophy win, the Rookie of the Year, and winner of all three championships in the 1200 category. He also set a PB lap time of 1.10.2073, something not seen in a 1200 since the National Challenge in 2006. Aidan had a few mechanical issues but still managed some excellent race wins and he has progressed onto Formula Masters China Series for 2015 – the best of good luck and here’s hoping for a few race wins with Eurasia Motorsport overseas Aidan. Stephanie Wolfgram joined our other two racing ladies and showed a steady improvement throughout the year knocking five seconds off her lap times, acquiring her own car and gaining in confidence and race craft ready for 2015.

 Gerald Broere competed in three races but Mason Legg and Bryan Krause were all new in the final race meeting of the year and all three are now race proven ready to start a fresh season. Making a short appearance for the last meeting of the year was 14 year old Alex Rullo who leased the Ajay 06 that won the first three 1600 championship years in WA. He excelled and managed a fourth overall despite his lack of Vee racing experience.

Also making a short appearance was Andy Stevens in his Sabre 02. He did the first race of the season then due to a second baby, a new house and later a new job, he decided to lease the car to long time FVAWA winner Cameron Edwards. This proved how good his car was (and the driver) with Cameron winning five of his 10 races, taking the Morten Plate and making life very difficult for the front runners. Similarly at the front was Brett Scarey who found some immense speed mid-season to set the second fastest lap of the year. Bruce Welsh campaigned the 99 Jacer and started the year with a race win but later had some bodywork issues to content with. Gareth Foster pushed his Stinger harder and harder and was rewarded with the FVAWA Championship win. Nev Bettridge improved consistently throughout the year and managed to knock nearly a whole second off his PB lap times in the Copycat. Dave Caisley started in 1200s but made the jump to 1600s, borrowing Jeff Cadman’s Jacer, to make a massive initial impact by winning all three races at Collie, and then buying the car mid-season to be at or very near the front from then on - watch him in 2015. Jeff changed cars but stayed faithful to Jacer cars to set some very respectable times towards the end of the year and Joe Douglas continued to improve sufficiently in his Gebert for him to buy the Riley’s Jacer at the end of the year ready to put it up the front in 2015. Peter Dyball and Neil McLay has some interesting battles in their Aurora and Mako vees and we hope to see them racing again in 2015.

The 1200s continue to provide a cheap start to racing with some very intense battles throughout the field, even at the front when it was wet. Jason Fowler drove well in his borrowed Mako despite being involved in one of the biggest accidents of the year and Rob Johnston showed how practice and determination can result in some very good times and finishes in his Spectre. Two ex FVAWA Presidents returned to racing, Myles Lockett campaigning his Ajay for the year and Derek Burns took an opportunity to keep his licence current by borrowing Bruce Welsh’s Repco for one race meeting.

Two big improvers were Kathy Lisson and April Welsh with both ladies finishing high up in the championships and both obtaining PB times during the year. Kathy now drives her husband’s ex-championship winning Sabre 01 and April drives her Dad’s Jacer. New for 2014 was the Kay Prosser Award for the lady driver who had scored the most points in the year – Kathy was the first person to receive this award. Rhys Lilley battled his work roster and then an interstate move so only competed in four events and Peter Jojart enjoyed five events and a 1200 race win before putting his Sabre up for sale. We look forward to seeing both of them race in 2015. Campbell Gow was doing well in the LiTech Elfin until his accident in August but in true Formula Vee spirit, his good engine was put into a straight car, Bruce Welsh’s Repco, to compete in the National Challenge at Phillip Island in November. He and nine other WA competitors made the journey across the country to make up one sixth of the total field of 57 cars – a very impressive performance by all the drivers and supporters who made the journey.

Disappointingly the last round at Collie was cancelled so only eight rounds counted towards the championships. A special thanks goes to all the people who supported the drivers and to the FVAWA Committee who give up their time and energy to organise Formula Vee Racing in WA and in Australia. WA Formula Vees were seen on display at the V8SC round in May, the Wanneroo show, the Day of the VW in Perth and we rounded off the year with an awards presentation in Malaga.

So in 2014 the grids got bigger, the racing got tighter throughout the field and for the first time we raced 3 cars line abreast round turn 7. Look in the background, it’s a good bet that in 2015 it will be 4 wide.

DC          FVAWA President     (photos by Boots and Gillie)                                                                    Jan 15




1st          1600       GARETH FOSTER               1200       AUSTIN PEARSON

2nd        1600       ROD LISSON                       1200       AIDAN READ

3rd         1600       BRUCE WELSH                   1200       JASON FOWLER


1st          1600       ROD LISSON                       1200       AUSTIN PEARSON

2nd        1600       DAVID CAMPBELL            1200       AIDAN READ

3rd         1600       BRETT SCAREY                   1200       JASON FOWLER


1st          1600       DAVID CAMPBELL            1200       AUSTIN PEARSON

2nd        1600       ROD LISSON                       1200       AIDAN READ

3rd         1600       BRETT SCAREY                   1200       JASON FOWLER


ROOKIE OF THE YEAR                                                      Austin Pearson

JONESY AWARD                                                                                Robert Johnston

JIM LEES AWARD                                                              Bruce Welsh

ZAMELS PLATE                                                                  Austin Pearson

MORTEN PLATE                                                                Cameron Edwards

KAY PROSSER AWARD                                                    Kathy Lisson

 pictures of all cars in attached .pdf document

David Campbell,
Jan 4, 2015, 8:01 PM