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2017 New Control Tyre

posted Nov 21, 2016, 7:26 PM by Ross Campbell
Formula Vee Australia has selected the Yokohoma AD08R as the new control tyre for Formula Vee.

Full details of this in cluding the tender and selection process can be found on the Formula Vee Australia page.

In Summary:

These tyres will be compulsory for 1600cc Vees and 1200's will have the choice to run the current Hoosiers OR the the Yokohomas. Yokohoma has recommended a 5.5 - 6 inch rim for these tyres.

Tyres are available (Early Jan 2017) through our Yokohoma Motorsport dealer:

Wheelsworld Tyres and More 
4A Carbon Court 
Osborne Park
08 6260 0842

Contact Peter Major on 
0401 807 895

A Summary of the technical changes being implemented are presented below:

Ride Height 
35mm minimum (was 40mm) 

515kg 1600 
500kg 1200 (regardless of which tyre you run)
This is as the tyres are 12kg heavier per set than the current Hoosiers. 

Maximum Width:
Front 1625mm (was 1585)
Rear 1635 (was 1610) as the tyres are wider than the current Hoosiers.