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Going 150kph aged 15, legally

posted Feb 13, 2013, 5:10 PM by Rod Lisson   [ updated Feb 14, 2013, 6:32 PM ]

Three teenagers, two boys and a girl, competed in the recent Kosteras Tyre Service supported Smarter Than Smoking Formula Vee State Championship round 1 at Barbagallo Raceway at the weekend. Two were on debut and a fourth turns 14 this month and has his car ready for his first race in March. Where else can you race cars age 14 against strong competitors for such a small budget – check out for details.

When you’re the State Champion you wear a target on your back and you’re the benchmark all other competitors to gauge themselves against.

In the 2013 the drivers with the targets are David DC Campbell in the 1600 category and Dave Caisley in the 1200 category.

Round 1, the Nightmasters, last weekend at Wanneroo saw the current State Champions dominate in the first two races.

But while they were happy with their performances, other competitors were not and chasing pack set about fine-tuning their cars in the pits throughout the afternoon.

In the third and final race of the day the pack fought back.

DC in the 1600s was left at the start while young newcomer Shaydan Penniment in car 6 sprinted to CAT Corner first closely followed by DC and Rod Lisson, who this year has stepped up from 1200s.

The three of them battled throughout the race with the lead changing numerous times.  DC was left with no doubt he was in a race when going down the straight to the last corner at 175 kph he had Shaydan’s Scorpion filling one mirror and Rod’s Jacer the other.

At the chequered flag DC got there first and won the day with Shaydan picking up second and Rod third.

Brett Scarey made a welcome return to the front of the pack in the former Cameron Edwards driven but Scarey owned Ajay, closely followed by Jordan Cvetanoski.

The 1200s also saw a new contender, 15 year old Jayden Tonaro, use his karting experience and he mobbed Dave Caisley for the whole race.

Close tight racing was a real feature of this battle and despite Jayden’s limited time in his ex Rod Lisson Sabre car 97, he gained valuable experience in the first two races and was in firm contention for the lead.

Slipstreaming is a key element of any Formula Vee race and it resulted in the 1200 lead change every lap, together with some exciting lead changes whilst passing under brakes.

The duelling 1200 cars crossed the line together with Dave Caisley just taking the win with 0.05 of a second separating both cars – you don’t get much closer.

Allan Yeo’s recent experience from the Nationals at Wakefield Park and a major chassis rebuild over the break got him across the line for the last podium position followed by Rhys Lilley, who had made a return with a new engine, and newcomer Paul Dressa who was making his debut in Formula Vee.

At the end of the day both State Champions said that they welcomed the competition but both realise this year’s Championship will take every race at every round to win, and it is the youngsters who are the biggest threat.

The new kids are in town, in the mirrors and ready for Round 2 on the 2nd of March – and they are looking to win.
Story by DC and Bones
Pics by Boots & Gillie