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Why are women in racing such an anomaly?

posted Dec 5, 2013, 11:32 PM by Rod Lisson
I’ve had various reactions to my becoming a race car driver and most have been really positive.  Why did I start racing?  Why was I not content to stand on the sidelines anymore?  Motorsport had become a huge part of my husband’s life and I wanted to be a part of it but for how long can you watch from the sidelines, taking photos, making him coffee or lunch.  I did think it would be years before I became bored but the opportunity came up to buy one of the guy’s cars who was leaving the country.  He was about my height.  I’m short by the way, so there aren’t many cars that fit me.  The fact is, driving a race car is a lot of fun.  Yes, it’s dangerous.  Yes, its hard work and I get bruised a lot but it is exhilarating, addictive fun.  That’s why there are so many men doing it. 
Why do we as women say “Oh that’s not for me?  I couldn’t do that or I wouldn’t want to do that.”  Aside from the jokes aimed at my husband.  It is actually hard to run two race cars.  There’s the running cost for starters.  Plus how do you get two cars to the track and back?  Buy a truck of course!  So then I had to get my truck drivers licence.  2013 was a big year for me.  I’ve never thought of myself as very outgoing or much of a risk-taker.  I’m actually terrified of rollercoasters and I have never really liked go-karting.  My daughter jokes that I’m having a mid-life crises but I think I’m just starting to get the most out of life and get out there amongst it. 
So why are women in racing such an anomaly?  I’m not sure but I’m one very happy lady to be out there breaking the stereotype and giving the guys a run for their money.  I’m just not sure how I can make it until the race season starts again in March 2014!
Story by: Kathy Lisson
Picture by: Rachel Lisson